WATCH: MONSTA X Inspires With Special Performance At TIME Magazine’s TIME100 Talks

 WATCH: MONSTA X Inspires With Special Performance At TIME Magazine’s TIME100 Talks

MONSTA X has inspired many with their special talk and performance at TIME magazine’s recent TIME100 Talks: Finding Hope.

The event was held on Wednesday at 5 p.m. IST and was broadcast online for viewers around the world. Special speakers included former U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, tennis star Naomi Osaka, Bollywood actor Ayushmann Khurrana, and AI pioneer Kai-Fu Lee. To close the event, MONSTA X also spoke and performed two songs.

The group performed “Someone’s Someone,” a track off their English-language album, ALL ABOUT LOVE. In addition, they also performed “Flow,” a track written by member Joohoney for their recent comeback album, FANTASIA X.

To speak to viewers, Hyungwon started, “We are very excited to take part in this important event, an event that connects people from all over the world.”

I.M continued, “As U.N. ambassadors for sustainable Goal 16, we stand for peace and justice. As such, we have supported Black Lives Matter activism, and we believe that it’s time to acknowledge the issue and fix it.”

The group also talked about the ongoing pandemic. “In addition, with this COVID-19 going around [for] a long time, we truly appreciate and respect all the medical workers and related staff who are sacrificing themselves during this difficult period,” Kihyun stated.

Meanwhile, other members also spoke to encourage viewers and thank fans for their support with leader Shownu closing with a sweet message of hope. “We love you Monbebe, and we pray for peaceful days of love, justice and health.”

Check out the group’s performances below or click here to watch the event in it’s entirety.


2) “Someone’s Someone” Performance:

3) “Flow” Performance”

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