WATCH: D1CE Pulls At Your Heartstrings In “Draw You” MV

 WATCH: D1CE Pulls At Your Heartstrings In “Draw You” MV

Almost one year since their debut, boy group D1CE is back with a softer, more sentimental side with their second mini-album, entitled DRAW YOU : REMEMBER ME, and its subsequent title track, “Draw You”.

Sensuous, warm piano melodies and bright beats make up this loving song that contains a message that a man wants to dedicate to the woman he loves. The vocals and rap of the five members are sweet and heartfelt, showing off their talents through colorful tones and tender harmonies. 

The music video continues this theme with beautifully shot and aesthetically pleasant scenes and imagery, fully capturing the soothing nature of the song.

DRAW YOU : REMEMBER ME contains six songs of various genres from ambient sounds, modern rock, an atmospheric ballad, and an acoustic track. Main vocalist Woodam and youngest member and rapper Jinyoung participated in the lyrics writing and arrangement on this album.

Check out the gorgeous MV for “Draw You” below!

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Media: D1CE Entertainment, Happy Face Entertainment

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