WATCH: AWEEK Expresses Their Love In “One Four Three” MV

 WATCH: AWEEK Expresses Their Love In “One Four Three” MV

On June 16th, rookie boy group AWEEK had their first comeback since debut! They released their second single album Better Today and the title track “One Four Three.”

The song expresses the feeling of a first, unrequited love that one experiences while growing up. With refreshing and memorable melodies and fantastic harmony of rough synths and rock & roll based electric guitar, the song was produced by NUVO and KINGMAKER who have been producing for AWEEK since pre-debut.

Included on the album is a solo song from main vocalist Chawon. Entitled “Have A Nice Day,” it details the journey of the protagonist who is tired of his complicated daily life, comparing it to a cat who dreams of breaking away from the outside world. 

AWEEK is a seven-member group from Illusion Entertainment, with each member representing a day of the week. Two of the members are currently on hiatus: lead vocalist Hyeon due to health reasons and lead rapper Yongjin due to scheduling conflicts with the upcoming competition program “BURN UP: Billboard Challenge.”

Check out the bright and cheerful music video below!

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Media: Illusion Entertainment

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