LISTEN: LU4US’s Choi And One-Man Group Swing Come Together For Tender Ballad “Your Shade”

 LISTEN: LU4US’s Choi And One-Man Group Swing Come Together For Tender Ballad “Your Shade”

Choi, a member of the boy group LU4US, has released his third digital single, entitled “Your Shade.” 

Released on June 7th, the soft and affectionate ballad is a collaboration with the one-man project group Swing, who performs the track’s melody and instrumentation on a grand piano. The song expresses not being mad at a lover’s parting, but still feeling dull and experiencing feelings of longing. Choi and Swing collaborate frequently. Most recently, the pair worked together on the OST for the web drama “My Boss Is A Million YouTuber.”

Choi debuted as a member of LU4US (formerly LU:KUS, L.A.U) in 2014. He writes and composes all his solo music, as well as contributes songs to the group. He sang with f(x)’s Luna on the OST “Healing Love” for the drama “Kill Me, Heal Me.” In fact, the two have been friends since high school and have sung together many times over the years. Choi even cast her as the lead in the music video for his heartfelt solo debut “Grandma.”

Swing is a one-man guest-style project group consisting of Yang Kyungmo, a music composition major who writes and composes his songs for which the vocalists and performers change on each album. He was inspired by legendary Korean artists such as the multi-talented singer-songwriter Kim Dong Ryul and the beloved one-man band Toy, whose sole member is Yoo Hee-Yeol, the host of the prestigious music program “Yoo Hee-Yeol’s Sketchbook.”

Listen to the beautiful “Your Shade” below!

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