10th Anniversary Special: 10 Great Music Videos And Songs From INFINITE

 10th Anniversary Special: 10 Great Music Videos And Songs From INFINITE

INFINITE is celebrating a decade together as a group!

Formed in 2010 by Woollim Entertainment, the group quickly rose to stardom and amassed a plethora of adoring fans. They became known for their fierce vibe and unsettling degree of synchronization when executing their choreography.

Each member soon proved their worth as talented artists, establishing themselves as television and musical actors, as well as strong soloists who have released their own albums. Take a look back at the ten years they spent together as idols through these memorable and nostalgic music videos!

1) “Destiny” (Ver. B)

You can’t go wrong by including “Destiny” on any INFINITE list! This song and MV are both classics, and they are still fan favorites to this day! Everything from the sun-drenched setting to the fashion make this one of our favorite MVs to watch.

2) “Bad”

No list of INFINITE songs or videos would be complete without listing this iconic K-pop hit! Everything about this video is absolutely perfect! The sets, the colors, the choreography, and the song all add up to make this one of the most well-known songs from INFINITE’s discography but also from K-pop overall.

3) “Tell Me”

Released in 2018, “Tell Me” is one of the newer songs on our list. However, that doesn’t make it any less iconic when it comes to INFINITE’s hit songs and videos. With just one listen, this song is sure to sink into your mind and not let go. In addition, the beautiful video is great to watch!

4) “Back”

“Back” came out of an era of K-pop when drama-style videos were still really popular! This video was really well done, and the emotional story made for the perfect backdrop of INFINITE’s gorgeous vocals on this song. You can’t go wrong with this song or video!

5) “The Eye”

Even apart from this song, we would have to include the video for “The Eye” on this list. It’s a truly gorgeous video with great choreography and beautifully-filmed shots that add to the drama of the plot. However, the song is just as incredible and immediately became one of our favorite INFINITE songs when it was first released!


“PARADISE” could perhaps be summed up as the quintessential INFINITE song. It has the great synth sounds that give them their cool, 80s sound, a heavy beat you can’t help but jam to, amazing vocals, catchy chorus, and a strong concept that a lot K-pop groups couldn’t pull off. This video is great, but the live version of “PARADISE” is even cooler perhaps!

7) “Last Romeo”

Everything about “Last Romeo” is iconic. We’ll say it again: ICONIC. If you’ve been into K-pop for any length of time and haven’t heard this song, then we have to ask if you’ve been living under a rock! This song was played everywhere in its heyday, and the choreography was covered by many fans and idols alike. Even INFINITE’s outfits and hair became hot topics at the time!

8) “The Chaser” (Dance Version)

It’s really hard narrowing it down to the most famous or most popular song and video from INFINITE’s long and illustrious career, but many would argue that this is certainly one of the top contenders. We agree that the song and choreography have both become some of the most beloved ones from INFINITE’s list of songs. That’s why we chose to include the dance version below, so check it out to see just why it became so famous!

9) “Be Mine”

Released in 2011, we’ll never grow tired of this song from INFINITE! It was everything good about K-pop from this era, and we still watch it and smile even now! If you know this song or were around in the K-pop era then, it’s impossible to watch this song and not sing along to at least the chorus! A great song that will never go out of style, “Be Mine” will forever be a classic.

10) “BTD”

Without a doubt, “BTD” is another one of INFINITE’s most classic and iconic songs and MVs. The song itself is truly one that can never be forgotten, but the video itself is also excellent, telling a deep story that leaves you glued to the screen. For those who want more of the dancing though, the video might seem a little dark. For those fans, the brighter dance version is available by clicking here.

BONUS: “Nothing’s Over”

“Nothing’s Over” was INFINITE’s first single and is still a fan favorite, so we wanted to include it as a bonus! The cute song and upbeat vibe are a departure from the group’s normal title tracks, while its sweet lyrics assure the listener of a love that will last forever.

While we could include many great songs and videos on this list, including newer tracks like “CLOCK” or classic hits like “Man in Love,” these are just ten of our favorites from INFINITE! What about you? Which songs would you have included? Which videos would you have put on this list instead? Make sure to let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

Happy 10th anniversary to INFINITE!
We wish you all the best now and always!

MEDIA: Woollim Entertainment

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