WATCH: SEVENTEEN Melts Hearts With Sentimental “Us, Again” Video

 WATCH: SEVENTEEN Melts Hearts With Sentimental “Us, Again” Video

On June 7th at 5:26 p.m. KST, SEVENTEEN revealed a special “Us, Again” video as a gift for their loving fans!

“Us, Again” warmly sings about being there for the people they care about and assuring them that they will get through difficult times together. The lyrics were previously featured in the group’s documentary series “SEVENTEEN: Hit the Road” and in the accompanying film, the lines on the screen appear have been written by the the members themselves.

Amping up the video’s emotional significance is its upload date (June 7th, or 06/07, which matches SEVENTEEN’s total number of members) and upload time (May 26th, 5/26, their debut date).

SEVENTEEN has recently revealed a special project that member Mingyu himself worked on, a carefree video for last year’s b-side release titled, “Snap Shoot.” The group is currently preparing for a comeback on June 22nd KST with the mini-album, Heng:garæ.

Watch the music video here!

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