WATCH: Kim Young Won Of MAXXAM Misses His “Blue Moon” In New Single

 WATCH: Kim Young Won Of MAXXAM Misses His “Blue Moon” In New Single

Kim Young Won, member of the busking team MAXXAM and former “Under19” contestant, released his third single on June 5th! The new song is entitled “Blue Moon.”

The Korean-American singer and dancer, who is originally from Virginia, showcases his luscious vocals and enthralling lyricism throughout the sultry, R&B, soul track. The melodic guitars, staccato licks, and pulsating bass lines further heighten Young Won’s mesmerizing vocal performance and sensuous concept. 

Unlike his second single “Deep End,” which showed a softer image, Young Won’s charms have been transformed into an elegant sexiness and maturity, as seen in the music video and heard in the song’s lyrics, which were written by Young Won himself.  

MAXXAM is a busking group that has been active since 2016, and they run their own dance school called “MAXXAM Academy.” They’ve gained a loyal fanbase both in Korea and abroad from posting videos of their street performances online, as well as vlogs, ASMR videos, and instrumental, vocal, and dance covers.

Members of the team have gone on to release their own original music, with Young Won (also known by his English name Paul Kim) making his solo debut in July 2019 with “Tanghulu.” Meanwhile, the leader of the team and “Produce X 101” contestant, Oh Sae Bom, following suit with his first single “Tie” in December.

Watch the captivating “Blue Moon” MV below!

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Media: MAXXAM Entertainment

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