WATCH: TREASURE’s Bang Yedam Drops Pre-Debut “WAYO” Solo MV

 WATCH: TREASURE’s Bang Yedam Drops Pre-Debut “WAYO” Solo MV

Bang Yedam is finally here!

Ahead of his scheduled debut with YG Entertainment‘s newest boy group, the young singer dropped a solo single and MV called “WAYO.”

“WAYO” is a track about reflecting on a break-up that they still cannot accept. AKMU‘s Lee Chan, WINNER‘s Kang Seungyoon, and Future Bounce teamed up to write the lyrics. Andrew Choi then joined Kang Seungyoon and Future Bounce to compose the song.

“Wayo” was described as a surprise gift to fans who have been anticipating Yedam and TREASURE‘s debut.

Bang Yedam first rose to stardom in 2012 as a 10 year-old (international age) contestant on popular audition program, “Kpop Star.” He bagged second place, after his now labelmates AKMU, and then signed to YG Entertainment as a trainee the following year.

Watch the music video here!

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