LISTEN: New Boy Group F.ABLE “Burn It Up” In Fiery Debut

 LISTEN: New Boy Group F.ABLE “Burn It Up” In Fiery Debut

There’s a brand new boy group on the scene, F.ABLE (formerly ENERFIVE, pre-debut) who released their debut single album Burn It Up with the title track of the same name on June 4th KST.

The five-members: Doha, Sihun, Jeong, Lee Hojun and Youngwon, are the first group to debut since the founding of new agency, Haeirum Entertainment.

“Burn It Up” is a powerful and passionate track that combines hybrid trap-style deep beats, featuring synth sounds reminiscent of a string instrument and amplified effects. It is a song where you can feel the passionate lyrics and melodies that express the strong determination to achieve a goal and F.ABLE’s desire to stand at the center of the world by gathering all the energy of the members to fulfill their dreams.

Have a listen to the official audio on their YouTube channel below and don’t forget to check out their dance covers of popular K-pop songs as well! The song is also available on all streaming and download sites.

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Media: Haeirum Entertainment

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