WATCH: Cross Gene’s Shin Wonho Says “Trust Me” In Emotional, Self-Produced Song

 WATCH: Cross Gene’s Shin Wonho Says “Trust Me” In Emotional, Self-Produced Song

Shin Wonho, leader of the K-pop boy group Cross Gene, has returned with the new, digital single album Trust Me and a title track of the same name.

The tropical R&B song features gentle, mid-tempo melodies that create an overall heart-fluttering atmosphere and sees the singer and actor performing both rap and vocals. The poetic lyrics for “Trust Me” express the true feelings of having to leave someone behind for a while and reminiscing of the time spent together.

Shin composed, arranged, and wrote the entirety of the song under the name BLaCK SWaN. Fans recently discovered this to be the idol’s production pseudonym through The Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA). BLaCK SWaN also arranged and composed Shin’s previous solo track “Invasion,” with many fans praising his multi-talented abilities.

The music video was directed by Heo Jin Hyun of Zanybros and portrays the light and dark emotions one feels during a difficult departure as seen through two different sides of Shin.

Check out the intriguing MV below!

Justin is an avid kpop fanboy and a lifelong lover of music, who is passionate about sharing his love of underrated and lesser known groups. Currently on a health-kick, his perpetual hangriness is making him way too emotional while pondering one of life’s biggest mysteries: “why do Cross Gene not get the recognition and praise they so thoroughly deserve?

Media: Amuse Entertainment

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