HOTSHOT’s Youngest Member Hojung Quietly Enlists In The Military

 HOTSHOT’s Youngest Member Hojung Quietly Enlists In The Military

Ko Hojung, member of boy group HOTSHOT, enlisted in the military on May 26th KST.

The news was revealed by agency Star Crew Entertainment via the group’s fancafe, stating that after spending time with family and friends, Hojung decided to join the army today without prior notice. They asked fans for understanding about being unable to hold an official event due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Hojung wrote a letter to fans and shared it on his Instagram along with a photo of his military hair cut. He apologized for not having the chance to say goodbye in person and that while he is worried about enlisting, he will make sure to fulfill his duties in good health.

The singer and actor will serve as an active military solider and is the second member of HOTSHOT to voluntarily enlist, following leader and songwriter Choi Junhyuk who enlisted in January. 

Hojung debuted in 2014 as the adorable youngest member of HOTSHOT, always expressing an affinity for exercise and fitness as the “best body” of the group. in 2017, he competed as a bodybuilder in the “MAXQ Muscle Mania Orient Championships”.

In 2018, he appeared on idol rebooting show “The Unit” where he finished in 3rd place winning a debut spot in final group UNB. He made his acting debut in 2019 as the male lead in web drama “My Ghost Brother” starring opposite LABOUM’s ZN.

HOTSHOT’s most recent comeback was in November of 2018, with their second mini album Early Flowering and the title track “I Hate You“.

We wish Hojung a happy and safe completion of his military duties!

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Media: Star Crew Entertainment

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