WATCH: D-CRUNCH Find Their True Self In Striking “Pierrot” MV

 WATCH: D-CRUNCH Find Their True Self In Striking “Pierrot” MV

D-Crunch makes a statement with an explosive comeback for “Pierrot.”

Released on May 22 at 12p.m. KST, the EDM trap digital single presents a message to break away from lies, oppression, and prejudice from society and to embrace your true self.

The song’s production team includes lyricist and songwriter Romantic Sashimi who has performed with famous international artists such as ZEDD and Alan Walker through Korea’s Your Summer festival. Also included in the group is Erik London who topped various billboard charts as a composer for British female solo artist Leona Lewis, and composers Jeina Choi and KIM:N.

RUNY, who has worked on several famous OSTs, including “My ID is Gangnam Beauty” and “Her Private Life,” enhanced the perfection of the song by directing D-Crunch’s vocals.

One of the highlights of the music video is an impressive dance break to unique percussion rhythms, which showcases the group’s unrivaled performance skills. Members O.V, Hyunoh, and Chanyoung all participated in the making of the powerful choreography. 

D-Crunch, which stands for Diamond Crunch, debuted in 2018 with the captivating “Palace” and the digital single 0806 (their debut date). The nine members boasted various charms as a new generation hip-hop boy group.

The group’s future was uncertain after contracts expired with then-agency All-S Company. Fortunately, they found a new home earlier this year with Ai Grand Korea. “Pierrot” is the group’s first official comeback after signing under the new company.

Check out the dynamic music video below!

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Media: Ai Grand Korea

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