MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Shows Off Casual, Summer Style In Photoshoot For Singles Magazine

 MONSTA X’s Minhyuk Shows Off Casual, Summer Style In Photoshoot For Singles Magazine

Monsta X‘s Minhyuk recently did a photoshoot with Singles magazine. While on break from posing for the photos, he also sat down for an interview with the magazine.

The talented and handsome idol first talked about fashion and differentiating “handsome” and “ugly” clothes based on his own standards. While speaking of personal preferences, he also spoke about his own tastes in places, noting that he prefers places that aren’t crowded or noisy.

Minhyuk also shared that he likes clean things, so he vacuums often. When it came to a hobby or interest that might surprise some people, he shared that he looks up videos about quantum physics, relativity theory, mysteries, supernatural phenomena, and more. He also confessed that despite being outgoing on camera, he is actually a homebody.

Minhyuk also talked about one of his favorite hobbies that has to do with both art and fashion: customizing bags and oil painting. He also revealed that he likes the color black among all the hair colors he has had in the past, saying, “When I dye my hair black, the chicness that comes from the color makes my face sharper and colder.”

With fans knowing that Minhyuk has a large tattoo of a whale on his leg, he shared what the animal means to him by saying, “To me, whales are a fantasy that take me away from the people around me and lead me to a good place.”

In the meantime, Minhyuk showed off a laid-back style with jeans and loose tops and jackets unbuttoned for a vibe that was part rocker, part hippie. Going barefoot in some pictures and with tennis shoes in other shots, Minhyuk kept it simple with accessories by opting by one or two necklaces or bracelets per outfit. With loose hairstyles, smudged eye makeup, and bronzed skin, Minhyuk pulled off the perfect summer pictorial.

Check out a few of the photos below, them pick up a copy of the new issue to see the full photoshoot and interview.

Media: Singles Magazine

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