7 MONSTA X Music Videos We Love To Watch Over And Over Again

 7 MONSTA X Music Videos We Love To Watch Over And Over Again

“We gotta slow it down, Remember this moment.”

On May 14, 2015, the Starship Entertainment group MONSTA X made their official debut into the music world! From winning a survival show to making their name known around the globe, MONSTA X has already made quite a mark on the K-pop industry in just five short years.

To celebrate their fifth anniversary since debut, we chose seven of the best music videos from this popular group (a nod to OT7 fully intended through this number). In fact, these are seven videos we love to watch over and over again, no matter how much time goes by. Check it out below!


This is the song that brought the group their first-ever win on a music show! We chose this song because it has a very aesthetic vibe and movie-like storyline. The way all the members are connected in a way is very interesting to us.

2. “HERO”

This song is about MONSTA X telling Monbebe that they will be their heroes and protect them. I chose this song because of its simplicity, but also because it rocks! The beat of the song, the maknae line’s rap parts, and the choreography got us hooked on this song from the first listen!

3. “Beautiful

What’s a MONSTA X song list without this gem, right? The choreography of this song is so amazing! Also, the aesthetic of the video has us just admiring it again and again.

4. “ALL IN”

Another song that can’t be missed in any MONSTA X song list, the storyline of “ALL IN” so intense! At first, you’ll think that the lyrics contradict with the storyline, but it really doesn’t. It’s just that the video gives a deeper meaning to the lyrics.

5. “Shoot Out

The overall choreography to this song is too hard to forget! Plus, in this video the members represent the seven deadly sins. Everyone’s visuals are gorgeous. The aesthetic of the video is stunning. What else is there to say? Oh, right! Perfection!

6. “Alligator

The water scene! The choreography! This video was epic. The individual scenes of the members really showed their unique charms. Also, the rap line’s powerful combination was just too fierce for words. Overall, this video was a win for Monbebe!

7. “Trespass

You can’t go wrong with the song and video that started it all. We absolutely love the power of the rookie spirit seen here. Even as newbies, MONSTA X was full of swag and stylish at the same time. You could already tell they were going to be a hit!


“Beautiful” (Acoustic Version)

You think the original has a pleasing enough aesthetic? Think again! This version is as equally nice, but unlike the original, this version provides us with an even softer MONSTA X! Cue swooning!


Upon seeing the title of this song for the first time, many fans decide to skip it… which is a shame! After all, who wants to miss out on this adorable video? The members are seen in their tiny windows confessing their love. So cute.

“Perfect Girl” (Self-cam Version)

Imagine this: your dream guy is singing to you while laying on his bed, surrounded by cute toys and looking adorable. Who wouldn’t love that? Once you watch this video, you’re bound to repeat it at least 514 times.

While all of MONSTA X’s videos and performances are great, these are some of our favorites! What other MVs would you add to the list? Which ones on this list are your favorite? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

Happy 5th anniversary to MONSTA X! We wish you lots of happiness and continued success in the years ahead. Thank you for being an inspiration to Monbebe around the world. Keep on shining!

lulu0507 has been a fan of Super Junior since 2009 and is Siwon and Yesung biased! She also became a fan of Monsta X and VAV in 2018, stanning Shownu and St. Van respectively. In her free time, she loves watching variety shows and K-dramas.

Media: Starship Entertainment

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