“Old School Intern” Releases Posters For Park Hae Jin, Kim Eung Soo, Park Ki Woo, And More

 “Old School Intern” Releases Posters For Park Hae Jin, Kim Eung Soo, Park Ki Woo, And More

The upcoming K-drama “Old School Intern” has released character posters for the series, sparking even more interest in the program!

“Old School Intern” follows the story of Ka Yeol Chan (Park Hae Jin of “Forest”), a man who started his very first job with excitement and promise. However, his hopes for the future soon turned sour due to his old-school, difficult boss Lee Man Shik (Kim Eung Soo of “Quantum Physics”). Driven to quit due to his boss’ behavior, Ka Yeol Chan finds work at a ramen company where his hard work and radical ideas for marketing bring about great results. He rises quickly in the company and soon holds a position of power as the chief of sales and marketing. His peaceful world is soon interrupted, however, when the company hires an older intern. To Yeol Chan’s surprise, he finds out that the new intern is his former boss Lee Man Shik.

Meanwhile, others in the company add to the comedy of the situation. The talented Park Ki Woong (“Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung”) plays the childish CEO and immature son of a chaebol whose future in the company seems uncertain. Han Ji Eun (“Scent of Ghost”) plays another intern at the company whose modern, trendy ways put her at odds with elderly people. Meanwhile, temporary contract worker Tak Jung Eun (played by Park Ah In of “Never Twice”) is desperate to be an ideal worker for the company, but she is more obsessed with the tiny details of the interns’ behavior than her actual job.

“Old School Intern” will begin airing on May 20th at 8:55 p.m. KST on MBC!

Check out the character posters below!

Media: MBC

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