5 Second-Lead Couples We Want To Be The Next Main Lead

 5 Second-Lead Couples We Want To Be The Next Main Lead

The lead actors are usually the ones who take the spotlight when it comes to romantic K-dramas and films, but sometimes, second-lead roles catch the viewers’ attention and become just as popular as the main leads. This especially happens when it comes to second-lead couples! As such, we’ve put together a list of five second-lead couples we want to star as the next lead couple in a K-drama! These couples will make you feel inspired when it comes to believing in true love. 

1. Soo Kwang and So Nyeo (“It’s Okay, That’s Love”)

First of all, we have to start out by saying that “It’s Okay, That’s Love” is one of the most beautiful, perfect dramas to ever come out of Korea. If you haven’t seen it, stop all other dramas and watch this one immediately. It’s deep, wonderfully acted, superbly written, and well directed as well. Although the lead couple is great, the second lead couple is also worth watching too.

The second lead couple (played by Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sung Kyung) teaches us that real love means accepting someone with all their flaws and past mistakes. Soo Kwang suffers from Tourette Syndrome and falls for So Nyeo. However, as she struggles financially herself, she ends up taking advantage of him and his love for her. She soon begins to fall for him sincerely, however, and decides to change her ways so she can truly be a good partner for him. But by this time, he has already found out the truth about her actions. Is it too late for them or will love give them a second chance? Only time will tell.


2. Noh Jik and Choi Haru (“Uncontrollably Fond”)

We’ve seen a lot of high school romance over the years in K-dramas, but the secondary love story portrayed in “Uncontrollably Fond” was one that was especially worth watching. Family situations and more caused these young lovers to face their own difficulties, but the overall romance was perfectly sweet. Meanwhile, the pair was played by the handsome Lee Seo Won and lovely Ryu Won. Not everyone falls in love at such a young age, but these two had us believing anything is possible!

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3. Wang Eun and Soon Deuk (“Scarlet Heart: Ryeo”)

If you haven’t watched “Scarlet Heart: Ryeo,” then seriously, what are you waiting for? This was an excellent drama with a great cast! Apart from amazing leads such as Lee Joon Gi, IU, and Kang Ha Neul, there were other love lines in the drama that also held our interest. The love story of Eun and Soon Deuk started on the wrong foot as she loves martial arts and swords and he is something of an innocent child. However, as their love develops, it really became one of the sweetest things to watch in the drama.

The couple (played by EXO‘s Baekhyun and actress and singer Z.Hera) may not have been the most mature due to their young age and inexperience, but they certainly proved their lasting love in the end. That’s why we would love to see them reunite onscreen once more.


4. Dae Young and Myeong Joo (“Descendants of the Sun”)

If you’ve watched “Descendants of the Sun,” it’s impossible that you don’t know about the complicated love story of Dae Young and Myeong Joo.

The viewers knew and felt that these characters really loved each other, but there were some things that just always seemed to hinder them from being together. These two faced many obstacles and challenges when it came to love, but they taught us that love is something you have to fight for sometimes.
The popularity of these characters also meant a rise in popularity for the actors who portrayed them on screen: Jin Goo and Kim Ji Won. They have both gone on to star in other films and shows, so it would be great to see them together again in another project!

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 5. Joon Sung and Yi Jin (“Oh My Venus”)

Confessing your love to someone is really nerve-wrecking, but it was especially hard for the “Oh My Venus” character Jang Yi Jin, an actress who falls in love with the MMA fighter Jang Jung Hoon. She is rejected in an instant, but she decides not to give up. Instead, she decides she just wants to be close to him in various ways. It seems like the perfect plan and things continue for a year, until Yi Jin (played by the lovable Jung Hye Sung) realizes that she is just falling even more deeply for Jung Hoon (played by Sung Hoon) and will only get hurt in the end. The star of this drama may have been So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah, but our sweet, second-lead couple was just so adorable that we couldn’t help but be captured by their romance as well! As such, we would like to see them reunite for another drama as well!

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Which of these K-drama couples did you like the most? What other couples would you have added to the list? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whattekpop1!

Yumi is an avid fan of Korean culture also a multi fandom of Kpop groups since 2014. Watching korean dramas is her hobby ever since.  

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