WATCH: BLACK6IX Get “Excited” In Two-Version Performance Videos

 WATCH: BLACK6IX Get “Excited” In Two-Version Performance Videos

On May 8th at 10p.m KST, Blackhole Entertainment boy group BLACK6IX premiered two new performance videos of fan favorite b-side track “Excited”!

The surprise releases were announced on the group’s official twitter just a few hours before their release.

“Excited” is from BLACK6IX’s second mini album Nice To Meet You, released back in February, which they are still promoting on music shows with title track “Call My Name”.

Both videos, a performance version and a “one-take” version, shows the group’s fun and hardworking atmosphere, and reveals the never before seen choreography.

“Excited” consists of a funk sound, with a breath-taking beat and synths, giving it the feeling of excitement. It is a song that expresses BLACK6IX’s bright and cheerful personality, and it contains a message to move forward excitedly, joyfully and happily with dancing and singing, leaving worries behind.

In addition to the group’s promotions, BLACK6IX held various events to celebrate their first album in over a year!

The “Unlock Dance Challenge” was a dance cover contest highlighting the key dance move of Call My Name, which simulates the unlocking of a smartphone with winners announced in a special VLive broadcast on April 27.

A challenge to collect every photo card from the Nice To Meet You mini album and post pictures to BLACK6IX on twitter was soon announced and winners for that event will be revealed on May 13 via VLive broadcast. 

Most recently they announced a “BLACKCALL” event, where fans can win a video call with the members, as well as receive a signed CD, handwritten messages and a polaroid picture. If you would like to participate check out the details below.

It’s a wonderful way to stay connected to fans during this time where BLACK6IX and BLACKPEARL (the name of their fandom) are unable to meet face to face. 

Watch the special one-take and performance versions of “Excited” below!

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Media: BlackHole Entertainment

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