Revlon Appoints Jessica Jung As New Global Ambassador

 Revlon Appoints Jessica Jung As New Global Ambassador

Jessica Jung has been appointed a new global ambassador for Revlon!

On April 30th, the news was revealed that Revlon had appointed Jessica Jung as their first-ever Asian global ambassador for the brand. With the news, they hope to expand their brand into the Asian market even more and enter the Chinese market again after originally withdrawing from it in 2014.

Makeup gurus’ expensive brands and trendy labels in the U.S. have meant declining sales in recent years for Revlon, but the Asian market remains a viable option as the brand still retains a classic American feel that appeals to consumers who want a foreign brand of makeup for an affordable cost. Revlon lipsticks in particular have been popular, so Revlon is hoping to reach even more consumers by launching its full assortment of products on the online website Tmall in May.

Making Jessica Jung, a U.S. born K-pop singer turned fashion influencer, a global ambassador seems a great choice for the brand as they seek to appeal to the Asian market, yet still maintain their American appeal.

Along with photos, the brand also revealed an announcement video that revealed Jessica as their new global ambassador.

“We’ve always emphasized inclusivity and diversity,” said Revlon global brand president Silvia Galfo. “But we didn’t have an Asian brand ambassador.” Concerning Jessica, Galfo continued, “We were drawn to Jessica because she is a force of nature, channeling her positive energy and entrepreneurial mindset into achieving her goals and breaking boundaries all along the way. She loves to experiment with beauty and has an unapologetic spirit that helps her transcend convention, perfectly capturing our Live Boldly ethos. We’re thrilled to have her as part of the Revlon family/”

Meanwhile, Jessica spoke about her new appointment as well, “Revlon has always represented the epitome of glamour for me. As a young girl growing up in San Francisco, I couldn’t help but be dazzled by the bold imagery of iconic women wearing Revlon makeup! To now be part of these legendary Revlon ambassadors is a thrill and an honor.”

Congratulations to Jessica!

Check out some of the new photos of Jessica released by Revlon of her photoshoot.

Media: Revlon
Source: Multivu

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