WATCH: HA:TFELT Pours Out Her Sorrow In “Life Sucks” MV

 WATCH: HA:TFELT Pours Out Her Sorrow In “Life Sucks” MV

On April 28th KST, HA:TFELT (formerly Wonder GirlsYeeun) dropped another music video off her latest album!

“Life Sucks” details the troubled relationship between her and her father. Sung entirely in English, it describes how her father attempts to sweet talk her for help after he landed himself in trouble. She responds that life is harsh on everyone, not letting herself be fooled by him again.

HA:TFELT’s parents had a messy marriage and her cheating father ended up leaving his wife to raise two children on her own. Despite all of this, he approached his grown-up daughter under the guise of starting a business.

When he got caught scamming people and was sued for sexual assault, HA:TFELT got dragged into the ensuing mess. She was investigated as an accomplice but was eventually declared innocent. Even so, the psychological strain weighed down on her for a long time.

During a press interview for her new album, she confessed that the songs reference the cruelest moments she went through. 1719 stands for the moments that were significant to her, symbolizing serious transitions in her life.

The singer was first introduced as Wonder Girls‘ Yeeun in 2007 under JYP Entertainment. After their disbandment in 2017, she signed with Amoeba Culture and re-emerged as HA:TFELT. She recently released music videos for her double title tracks and a b-side, “Solitude.”

Watch the music video here!

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