WATCH: Super Junior Promises Laughter In Teaser Video For “SJ Returns 4”

 WATCH: Super Junior Promises Laughter In Teaser Video For “SJ Returns 4”

Super Junior is set to return with “SJ Returns 4”!

The well-loved series “SJ Returns” is back once more as “SJ Returns 4.” As Super Junior will be celebrating their 15th anniversary this year, the series will focus on activities as requested by fans, thus providing unique, fun content for viewers.

Super Junior released the first teaser video for “SJ Returns 4” at noon on April 27th, already raising expectations for the new season of the show. The second teaser video will be released at 12 p.m. on May 1st, with the first episode starting on May 18th at noon KST. The show will be available on V LIVE and Naver TV’s “SJ Returns” channel every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The “SJ Returns” series, which was first released in October 2017, features different content from the making of the group’s albums to relay food trips. Through it, the show has managed to display Super Junior’s hilarious images that make them such a hit with fans on variety and reality TV shows.

Meanwhile, if you join FANSHIP, a membership product of Naver’s “SJ Returns 4” program, you will be able to enjoy various events such as behind-the-scenes footage, members’ surprise spoiler lives, and monthly voting.

Check out the teaser below! Who’s excited for the new season of “SJ Returns”?

lulu0507 has been a fan of Super Junior since 2009 and is Siwon and Yesung biased! She also became a fan of Monsta X and VAV in 2018, stanning Shownu and St. Van respectively. In her free time, she loves watching variety shows and K-dramas.

Media: V Live

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