WATCH: K-Tigers Zero’s Taejoo & Former 9Muses’ Sojin Among Cast Of Web Drama “My Boss Is A Million YouTuber”

 WATCH: K-Tigers Zero’s Taejoo & Former 9Muses’ Sojin Among Cast Of Web Drama “My Boss Is A Million YouTuber”

The upcoming web drama “My Boss Is A Million YouTuber” features a unique concept and an ensemble cast including Na Taejoo of co-ed group K-Tigers Zero, as well as former 9Muses member Jo Sojin

Taejoo’s appearance in the drama was revealed by his agency K-Tigers E&C on April 16th.

“My Boss Is A Million YouTuber” takes place when active YouTubers who have over a million subscribers become employees of a large conglomerate’s public relations team, promoting products and struggling to boost company sales. The stories and characters are being presented in a unique way by combining a traditional drama format with live broadcasting, thus creating a new concept that will allow viewers to communicate and participate with the actors during live shows.

Featuring an ensemble cast of actors and comedians, as well as real-life YouTubers, the series will feature Taejoo in the role of a new employee who has an important secret. 

This is not the K-Tigers star’s first acting experience, in 2011 he was in the Thai-Korean martial arts film “The Kick.” In 2015, he landed a starring role alongside Hollywood A-listers Hugh Jackman and Amanda Seyfried in the Peter Pan retelling of “Pan”. Recently gaining popularity through the reality show “Mr. Trot,” Taejoo finished in the top 14 and made his face known as the founder of “Taekwondo Trot”. He’s also been busy promoting with his group K-Tigers Zero for their digital single Love and the title track “The Starry Night”.

Meanwhile, fellow idol and former 9Muses member Jo Sojin will star as the secretary of the company’s chairman. Sojin was a member of the Star Empire Entertainment girl group from 2015-2019, first making her debut in the company’s project unit NASTY NASTY with 9Muses’ Kyungree and ZE:A’s Kevin. Following 9Muses’ disbandment, Sojin signed with SE M&M Entertainment as an actress and made her acting debut last year in the Chinese web drama “Canvas the Emperor”. 

Also rounding off the cast is renowned actor Lee Won-Jong, comedians Lee Byung-jin and Kim Won-hyo, and popular Korean YouTubers Jeong Jae-hyung (member of hidden camera channel “Hood Boyz”), Kim Sungki and Shin Heung-Jae (comedy duo of “No.1 Media” channel), Flowervin (Twitch streamer and one half of couple channel RunnerFlowervinTV), TikTok star Sara, award winning broadcast jockey King Ki-Hoon, and acting newcomer Kang Mi-rae.

Although the show is still in the production stages, it is already gaining attention for its unique concept, the array of actors and personalities, and the combination of acting and live broadcasting.

“My Boss Is A Million YouTuber” will be unveiled for the first time on YouTube and Naver’s Unicorn Channel on June 3rd KST.

Check out the teaser trailer below!

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Media: Unicorn Channel

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