NCT 127’s Johnny And Jaehyun Show Off Masculine Charm In New Editorial For W Magazine

 NCT 127’s Johnny And Jaehyun Show Off Masculine Charm In New Editorial For W Magazine

NCT 127‘s Johnny and Jaehyun are the new stars of a photoshoot and interview for W Korea.

In the new issue of the magazine, Johnny and Jaehyun are seen in a photoshoot inspired by the 1996 Baz Luhrmann film “Romeo + Juliet.” Sporting Hawaiin-print shirts and and posing in a dark hotel room, the two singers pull off the vibe with ease as they capture the spirit of reckless youth. The handsome, young stars sported various pieces from brands like Casablanca by Mr.Porter, Dries Van Noten, GUCCI, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, and more. With layered styles and youthful accessories, the luxury vibe of the clothes were toned down into a breezy, casual aesthetic.

In the interview itself, both idols were asked if they relate more to the character of the romantic Romeo of the fiery Tybalt. Johnny stated that he is a bit like both and finds himself to be more like Tybalt and jumps into situations after setting his mind to it, but he wants to be more like Romeo when it comes to falling in love. Meanwhile, Jaehyun revealed that he is the opposite. He is more like the emotional Romeo who wants to acquire more of Tybalt’s reasoning.

As their own comeback with “Kick It” was a nod to Bruce Lee, the two also talked about what other movie characters they would like to portray through music. Johnny stated, “Two people come to mind. The first is Brad Pitt from the movie ‘Fight Club.’ I would like to try music with a strong beat that conveys the fiery temperament of a fighter. I would also like to include the surprising twist from the movie into the song as well. The other is Will Smith from the movie ‘The Pursuit of Happyness.’ That is a five-star movie about life. No matter the twists and turns, the movie has a happy ending. I want to sing a song with that message of being happy even if it’s difficult now.”

Meanwhile, Jaehyun responded with a different concept altogether. “I know we played it today [for the photoshoot], but Romeo seems interesting. If it was a love song, I think it would be great to include all the joy and sorrow just like the movie. Also, when I think of James Dean in the movie ‘A Rebel Without A Cause,’ I can imagine a song that is filled the funky beats of an old-school jazz band. Lately, I’ve been so into jazz, soul, and R&B, so that would be great.”

For the full interview with Jaehyun and Johnny, click here or pick up a copy of the newest issue of W magazine. In the meantime, you can also check out some of the photos below!

Media: W Magazine

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