IZ*ONE Members Are Ethereal Beauties In Stunning Pictorial For DAZED Magazine

 IZ*ONE Members Are Ethereal Beauties In Stunning Pictorial For DAZED Magazine

The Korean-Japanese girl group IZ*ONE showcases their unlimited charms in an impressive 42-page pictorial for fashion and culture magazine DAZED

Each member looks radiant as they pose on a carousel together. They then rock individual shots which feature beautiful, scenic backgrounds. Wearing gorgeous outfits and individual looks including a sleeveless sequin dress, flower-printed denim, metallic shoes, and even a patchwork quilt dress, the group’s visuals are sure to capture everyone’s attention. 

Along with the photoshoot, the magazine includes an interview with the 12-member group, who recently released their first full-length album, entitled BLOOM*IZ, earlier this year.

Youngest member Wonyoung talked about how she loves the song “Dreamlike” from the album, which she participated in writing the lyrics for the first time, stating that it was written with sincerity. Meanwhile, leader Eunbi expressed her ambition for writing and composing, raising expectations for future self-composed songs. 

The girls also shared their thoughts on the pictorials, as well as behind-the-scenes stories related to album preparations and what hobbies they are enjoying these days.

Check out the video from the shoot and some of the photos below! Be sure to catch the full pictorial and interview in the May issue of DAZED magazine!

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