Ong Seong Wu Is Retro Chic In New Photoshoot For Esquire Magazine

 Ong Seong Wu Is Retro Chic In New Photoshoot For Esquire Magazine

One Seong Wu is the star of a new photoshoot and interview in the newest issue of Esquire magazine!

In the May issue of the magazine, Ong Seong Wu showed off a retro chic style that incorporated elements of Western attire. With cowboy boots and Western neckties adorning his luxury Gucci, Ralph Lauren, and St. Laurent outfits, the overall effect was effortless, casual, and yet perfectly stylish.

In addition to the photoshoot, Ong Seong Wu sat down for an in-depth interview where he talked about everything from his recent solo album to traveling. The charming singer and actor chatted about his hobby of photography and how he likes to take pictures of streets and people. He also talked about his quirky personality and how long it takes for him to open up to people. Throughout the entire interview, Ong’s candid personality and sincerity were evident. Speaking about his album release and some of his B-tracks, he stated, “I used to write letters to fans, but this time I think I replaced the letters with albums… I thought that there was a sense of comfort and empathy that was conveyed even more when I expressed my emotions.”

Check out some of the photos below, then make sure to pick up a copy of he magazine for the full editorial. You can also click here to read the interview!

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Media: Esquire Korea

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