New Character Posters Revealed For Highly-Anticipated Drama “Mystic Pop-Up Bar”

 New Character Posters Revealed For Highly-Anticipated Drama “Mystic Pop-Up Bar”

“Mystic Pop-Up Bar” is almost here and building up excitement even more with the release of new character posters!

The upcoming Netflix original series will be broadcast in Korea on JTBC and is the next highly-anticipated series in the latest of hit programs by JTBC. Following “The Lady In Dignity” and “Itaewon Class,” this next drama is already garnering attention due to its cast and the fact that it’s based on the popular webtoon “Ssanggap Pocha” by author Bae Hye-Soo.

The story follows Wol Joo (played by Hwang Jung Eum of “She Was Pretty”), Han Kang Bae (Yook Sungjae of BTOB and “Goblin”), and Chief Giwi (Choi Won Young of “Hyena”) as they run a pojangmacha (an outdoor, nighttime bar). The catch to this otherwise ordinary drama? The trio visits customers in their dreams in order to give advice and help tired, discouraged customers.

The posters show each of the actors in full character, already making fans of the webtoon anticipate the actors’ portrayals of the beloved characters.

The webtoon is still ongoing, but it is anticipated that the series will only run for one season of 16 episodes.

“Mystic Pop-Up Bar” begins airing on May 20th at 9:30 p.m. KST on JTBC and will air on Netflix the next day for international viewers.

Check out the posters below, as well as the first video teaser!

Media: JTBC

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