WTK REVIEW: Generous Zelo Holds “You’re My Celebrity” Fan Meeting For Charitable Cause

 WTK REVIEW: Generous Zelo Holds “You’re My Celebrity” Fan Meeting For Charitable Cause

*Last month Zelo held a special fan meeting, and one of WTK’s staff and resident BABYz was in attendance! Check out the special feature below as a their own review and fan account of the event!

In March, Zelo held his “You’re My Celebrity” fan meeting in Hongdae’s Hanatour Hall. It was his first live concert and fan meeting in Korea since going solo. The host, Kevin Phillips, began promoting for the event in early February, greeting fans of Zelo on Twitter in both Korean and English, with ticket links available in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. 

In a somewhat unusual move for a fan meeting, there were only two official goods available for pre-order and purchase. The first item was a specially designed USB with a recording of the fan meet to be mailed later, and the second item was a minimalist couple ring with “You’re My Celebrity” engraved on it. Zelo showed off his ring on his Instagram, and when fans bought a ring, part of the proceeds went to the Green Umbrella Child Foundation.

Instagram: @byzelo

Fans could pre-order the ring and USB or purchase them separately. However, the ring could only be purchased if you were attending the fan meeting. As a bonus, Zelo added a special event: a ring ceremony. After the show, fans who had purchased the ring could take part in a ring ceremony where Zelo himself would put the ring on his fans’ fingers. You can hear the fangirls swooning in the ceremony that was shorter than a fansign, but longer than a hi-touch. Plus, it was an intimate gesture of love and appreciation for his fans. I’ll take it!

In mid-February, Zelo posted another spoiler for his fans by saying he was working hard to prepare for the event. It turns out that every fan who came to the fan meeting would receive a thoughtful present from Zelo. How sweet! 

Twitter @ZELO96

Concerned with the increase of Covid-19 cases at the time, the organizers took the utmost precautions to provide hand sanitizer and requested that everyone wear a mask. They also had temperature checks for everyone at the ring ceremony where they would greet Zelo. The overall mood was cautious, but happy as fans enjoyed seeing Zelo after such a long time. 

Zelo performed his hits like “Questions” and “Howler” for the first musical performances. Afterwards, it was followed by a Q&A corner. Before the start of the show, fans had written requests or questions on post-it notes and put them on a board in the hall’s lobby. It was during this segment that Zelo revealed he is preparing a solo album! After the Q&A corner, Zelo changed from his school uniform attire into an all-white, hip-hop style outfit, complete with a white snapback and his cherry red hair sticking out, to perform “Parkour” and “IDC.” 

Instagram: @byzelo

The second half of the fan meeting became an auction of a few of Zelo’s prized possessions, signed photos, or the chance for pictures with Zelo. The proceeds of the auction were once again donated to the Green Umbrella Child Foundation. Passionate fans were up to the task and happily participated. 

After the auction, Zelo’s special guest Jvde was announced. Jvde recently collaborated with Zelo and Lil Oppa for their sleepy and bathed in red music video, “샤워 (SHOWER).” Jvde performed a song of his own, and then sat with Zelo and the MC for a talk segment. Jvde asked for Zelo’s permission to tell two stories about Zelo when he had been drinking.

After getting Zelo’s permission, Jvde mischievously told fans that Zelo has a huge bed because Zelo is a tall person and, when is he is drunk, he will kick and move around a lot in his sleep. The fans laughed, and Jvde continued.

The other story was about another time when Zelo and Jvde were drinking and they had a heart-to-heart conversation, with Zelo asking Jvde to be good friends with him for a long time. Jvde thought it was so cute and nice that he wanted to share the story.

This segment ended with a fun game of charades between Zelo and Jvde. Fans had to call out and guess what both of them were acting out and the artist who got through the most words won. Hilarity ensued as they both tried their best and try to compose themselves when fans were shouting out the sometimes very wrong, and sometimes very English answers. In the end, Jvde was able to beat Zelo by a small fraction.

Zelo closed out the fan meeting with “Celebrity” and a heartfelt letter to the fans, telling them about his struggles and thanking them for their continued support for him. By the end, there were only a few dry eyes left in the audience.

Twitter: @zelo96

A few days after the fan meeting, Zelo posted about his delivery of the goods and donations to the Green Umbrella Child Foundation. We hope that this generous artist continues to use his platform for good and inspire his fans to do likewise! 

Twitter: @zelo96

In more recent news, Zelo and Jvde featured on their friend Feeldog‘s song “Friends” from his second single album, entitled get some smile. You can check it out here!

For the latest news on Zelo’s upcoming projects, follow us on Twitter at @whatthekpop1. You can also follow Zelo’s Twitter account here, as well as his Instagram here!

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