WATCH: Feeldog Releases Music Video With “Friends” Zelo And Jvde That Will Make You “Smile”

 WATCH: Feeldog Releases Music Video With “Friends” Zelo And Jvde That Will Make You “Smile”

On April 3rd, solo artist Feeldog, whose real name is Oh Kwang Suk, released his second single album, get some smile.

The single consists of two songs: “Friends” featuring Jvde and Zelo and “Smile.” The album was produced by G-point and was mastered at 821sound Mastering.

The three artists and their friends have been promoting the release all week on their various SNS accounts like Instagram and Twitter, along with photos and short clips of the music video. 

According to Feeldog’s post on Twitter, he says that this is his last gift to fans before his enlistment. In addition to his heartfelt posts on Twitter, Feeldog had some more words for his fans in the YouTube description of the music video.

Check out the translation of his message below:

“Feeldog’s second single [Get some smile] is an album that was prepared to greet everyone and express sincere feelings of gratitude to everyone who loves me rather than just saying a simple “I’ll be back safely” before enlisting.

As I look back on the past years, I was happy to give laughter to people, and I’ve tried different ways to deliver good energy to more people. It is also a message to myself with a promise not to forget this heart in order to have a stronger and healthier mindset that will suit me in the future.

Lastly, if you can love yourself and smile, I hope that everyone who listens to this album will definitely remember that there are good friends to share that smile with you too.

I will be back in good health.

– Feeldog (Oh Kwang Suk)

He then goes on to describe the track “friends” by stating, “This is a medium-tempo hip-hop song with a focus on acoustic sounds. The track expression was not artificial, but like a friend who could be in touch at any time.” He further states that even though he is busy these days, he wanted to hear the voice of his friends without having to call on them or have a specific purpose.

For “Smile”, Feeldog had this to say. This is a Neo Soul genre song with a guitar melody that is comfortable to listen to, and is a track inspired by R&B in the mid-1990s. It contains a message to my family and friends, saying, “I want to be an energetic person” so that I can continue to laugh with fans who support me”

Meanwhile, Jvde and Zelo had recently collaborated with Lil Oppa for their steamy, but lonely ‘샤워 (SHOWER)’ M/V. Zelo will also be releasing another solo album later this year to the delight of his fans!

About the new song from Feeldog, Zelo posed a question on his latest Instagram post by saying, “A nice song to listen to when you’re in quarantine at home. 😂✨ What do you think?

Be sure to answer Zelo on his post and wish Feeldog well in his enlistment! To echo Zelo, what do you think? Let us know at @whatthekpop1 on Twitter. In the meantime, check out the video below!

In times where we might not be able to see our friends very often, it’s nice to see such camaraderie among some of our favorite celebrities!

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Media: YouTube (Feeldog)

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