LST’s Dongkwon and Jigu Leave Group Due To Personal Reasons + Members Preparing Comeback

 LST’s Dongkwon and Jigu Leave Group Due To Personal Reasons + Members Preparing Comeback

On March 22nd, it was revealed by the company Hyunda Entertainment via Instagram that two members of their boy group LST had left the group. Both leader Dongkwon and charismatic Jigu departed the group, citing personal reasons for the departure.

LST, which stands for Let’s Show Time, debuted as five members in 2018 with the single I Wanna Go. Later that year, member Kibeom was added to the group. After these recent changes, he will now be taking over the position of leader.

In 2019, the group went through more changes: then-maknae Kion left the group for unknown reasons and is currently enlisted in the military, two additional members named Gabin and Gangbi joined the line-up, and LST made a comeback as seven members with The Wolf.

The group will now continue with five members (Kibeom, Sunwoo, Gabin, Gangbi and JN) after the recent departures. In fact, the group recently celebrated their official artist profile being registered on Naver.

LST stated that they are currently working hard on a new album and asked fans to look forward to their future activities with support and love. A few days ago, they posted a brand new picture of the current five-member line-up with the caption “Coming Soon” on LST’s official Instagram.

We also look forward to whatever LST, Dongkwon, and Jigu do next, and we wish them all the very best!

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Media: Hyunda Entertainment

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