WATCH: ONEWE Tries To Heal Their Scars In “Q” MV Featuring MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

 WATCH: ONEWE Tries To Heal Their Scars In “Q” MV Featuring MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

ONEWE has released the music video for “Q”!

On April 2nd, the band from RBW Entertainment released the new song and video featuring fellow labelmate MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa. The song shows off a mixture of genres by including influenced of bossa nova, R&B, hip-hop, and more! Meanwhile, the track was written by band member CyA.

“Q (모르겠다고)” was released as a pre-release track off the group’s upcoming album, ONE. The new album will signal the official start of the band as ONEWE. Previously, the group made their debut under the name MAS 0094 in 2015. They then moved to RBW Entertainment in 2017 and were known as MAS. After member Dongmyeong gained a lot of exposure and fans through his appearance on season two of “Produce 101,” he and the other four members Yonghoon, Harin, Kanghyun, Dongmyeong, and CyA went on to appear together in the idol rebooting show “The Unit.” Despite being a band of instrumentalists, they gained fans through their eagerness to work on their dancing abilities, as well as their great talent as musicians.

“Q” is a pre-release track to ONE, an album that will officially signal the beginning of the band under their new name ONEWE after being reorganized under RBW.

ONE will be released in May.

Check out the new song and video below!

Media: Stone Music Entertainment

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