WATCH: Japan-Based Korean Group Apeace Returns With “Gentleman -Party All Night-” MV

 WATCH: Japan-Based Korean Group Apeace Returns With “Gentleman -Party All Night-” MV

Apeace has released their first music video for 2020, and their second Korean language track in eight years!

Known as the Korean male version of the Japanese girl group AKB48, due to the group’s format, number of members, various sub-units, and — up until 2015 — daily performances at K Theatre Tokyo. The group now does regular monthly performances in Japan, in addition to special solo concerts during each of the members’ birthdays.

Originally debuting in 2010 as Double B 21, they were the largest group to ever be formed in South Korea,. They had 21 members, all with a height of at least 185cm. The members were chosen and produced by Kim Kyungwook, the former head of SM Entertainment who is known for working with such groups as H.O.T., Shinhwa, and TVXQ.

The team changed their name to A-Peace but eventually dropped the dash to become Apeace, which means “Peace of Asia”.

The group had a graduation system up until 2014, where a graduating member was replaced by a trainee. That way, despite many lineup changes over the years, Apeace remained a 21 member group with three sub-units, (Lapis, Jade, and Onyx) with each consisting of seven members. 

The group now has 12 members, but is currently promoting as nine while Geonhee, Seunghyuk, and Sungho fulfill their mandatory military service. Former member Jinhong now works as a stage adviser for Apeace after having to leave the group due to injury.

Last September, Apeace released the song “Feel So Good” and to the surprise of many fans, the song was in Korean, making it the group’s first Korean language track in eight years. Although the members are Korean, Apeace is active exclusively in Japan and mainly sings in Japanese.

“Gentleman -Party All Night- ” allows the members to sing in their native language once more. The song is a funky, uptempo pop number with a catchy melody, showcasing each members’ charming vocals over an addictive baseline.

The music video was released on March 3rd and displays Apeace’s impressive visuals and chemistry as a group. Even if you’ve never seen or heard Apeace before, you can instantly tell how experienced and professional they are and how natural and effortlessly strong their performance is.

Check out the fun and feel good MV for “Gentleman -Party All Night- ” below! In the meantime, you can also click here to see the group’s official website and learn more about them, watch their entire collection of MVs, and more!

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