WINNER’s Jinu Announces Upcoming Military Enlistment

 WINNER’s Jinu Announces Upcoming Military Enlistment

WINNER‘s Jinu has announced he will soon enlist in the military.

The news was revealed on March 27th through a letter Jinu (also known as Jinwoo) shared on the group’s fan cafe. Later, YG Entertainment confirmed the news.

Jinu is set to enlist on April 2nd. After completing his basic training, he will serve as a public service officer.

In his letter to fans, he promises to stay healthy and brave and complete his service well, asking fans to stay healthy and do well in return. He also spoke about how happy he was to be able to release another album with WINNER before he enlists and shared that they have worked hard on the album with lots of happiness.

After sending well wishes to all their fans (known as Inner Circle), Jinu sent a message to his fellow members by saying, ” And to my younger brothers, who are like real brothers to me now. I am always grateful and I love you!

In the meantime, WINNER just released a new track, entitled “Hold,” and will drop their new album on April 9th.

We wish Jinu the best of luck in his military service! Check out Jinu’s handwritten letter below.

Media: YG Entertainment

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