WATCH: Ong Seong Wu Gives Chase In “GRAVITY” Music Video

 WATCH: Ong Seong Wu Gives Chase In “GRAVITY” Music Video

Ong Seong Wu has returned to delight fans with his vocals!

The singer returned on March 25th at 6 p.m. KST to present his new album as well as the music video for this lead track, “GRAVITY.”

The song describes the feeling of wanting to be at someone’s side and goes on to express leaving doubt behind to pursue the attraction. The music video shows off the soloist’s acting chops by featuring him as the main actor who fearlessly goes into hot pursuit of someone through a mysterious woodland.

Ong Seong Wu helped write and compose for all six tracks of his mini-album, LAYERS. He used his music as a medium to channel the experiences he had gone through which made him into who he is today.

Each song represents a different keyword that is connected to the experiences with “GRAVITY” for “attraction,” “Cafe” for “comfort,” “After Dark” for “emptiness,” “Guess Who” for “curiosity,” and “Bye Bye” for “realization.” His previously released single called “We Belong” is also included in the tracklist.

Ong Seong Wu participated in the hit idol survival show “Produce 101” back in 2017 and snagged a spot in the winning line-up that composed the wildly popular project group, Wanna One. He made his acting debut in JTBC‘s youth drama entitled “At Eighteen” in 2019.

Watch the music video here!

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