MYNAME’s Insoo Teams Up With “Handsome Tigers” Co-Star Moon Suinn For ARENA HOMME+ Photoshoot

 MYNAME’s Insoo Teams Up With “Handsome Tigers” Co-Star Moon Suinn For ARENA HOMME+ Photoshoot

Kang Insoo of K-pop group MYNAME and model Moon Suinn are both star players on the basketball reality show “Handsome Tigers,” as well as the co-stars of the new pictorial for ARENA HOMME+ (also known as ARENA HOMME PLUS).

Making his modeling debut in July 2014, Moon Suinn returns to his first job for this photoshoot, showing off his professional charisma in front of the camera by creating colorful poses and a captivating atmosphere. 

Suinn recently topped the real time charts in Korea for persevering on the court despite an injury viewers were unaware of, showing impressive strength and sportsmanship. 

Meanwhile, Insoo, who made his debut as the lead vocalist of MYNAME in October 2011, is no stranger to a sports field or being in front of the camera either. With countless visually-stunning photoshoots and pictorials under his belt and memorable appearances on various idol athletic shows and events, the singer recently became the first male star to appear twice on the cover of Men’s Health magazine in Korea due to his incredible, athletic physique and attractive charms. 

Both celebrities revealed on Instagram different shots from the photoshoot which features an array of fashionable looks in a preppy, sophisticated style such as pink corduroy, cotton slacks, wine-colored checked suits, leather sneakers, colorful camouflage, and floral printed shirts. 

The April issue of ARENA HOMME+ also features an interview with Insoo and Suinn where they share their concerns about being an idol and a model.

Check out pictures from the photoshoot below!

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