Former 9MUSES Star Moon Hyuna Announces Pregnancy

 Former 9MUSES Star Moon Hyuna Announces Pregnancy

More great news for fans of 9MUSES!

After former member Sungah gave birth to her first child on March 19th, thus becoming the first mom among the 9MUSES members, another former member has announced her own pregnancy as well!

Moon Hyuna revealed that happy news through her Instagram account on March 22nd, showing off her sonogram in a video announcement and introducing fans to her growing baby Bandi. She asked fans not to be shocked and revealed that she is 27 weeks along in her pregnancy and is due in June.

Hyuna left 9MUSES in 2016 and married a non-celebrity in 2017. This will be their first child.

Meanwhile, Eunji, another former member of the group, also announced her pregnancy in December 2019!

Congratulations to Moon Hyuna and her husband for this special blessing!

What a fun time for fans of 9MUSES as they are able to see their favorite idols enjoying such happiness in their private lives! We wish them all the best.

Check out Moon Hyuna’s announcement video below!

Media: Instagram
Source: Instagram

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