LISTEN: IMFACT’s Lee Sang Drops Self-Produced Original Song “Home Sweet Home”

 LISTEN: IMFACT’s Lee Sang Drops Self-Produced Original Song “Home Sweet Home”

On March 20th, IMFACT vocalist Lee Sang released his latest original song, “Home Sweet Home.” The song is one he composed and wrote entirely on his own, releasing it on his official YouTube channel.

Sang has been posting covers and original songs since the channel’s creation, showing off his impressive songwriting, composing, and guitar skills, as well as his soulful, heartfelt vocals.

“Home Sweet Home” is a contemporary acoustic folk track and is raw, stripped back, and reminiscent of popular singer-songwriters we all know and love. You need only to hear Sang’s covers and original songs to know this style of music is his specialty and he truly shines in the genre.

About the song, Sang writes in the video description that the lyrics express a very timely message about modern people today, who are worried about many things and want to rest comfortably in their homes. 

As with every one of Sang’s original songs, the accompanying lyrics video includes artwork that perfectly matches the vibe and mood of the song.

Listen to “Home Sweet Home” on Lee Sang’s official YouTube channel below!

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