WATCH: Stray Kids Makes Japanese Debut With “SKZ2020” Album

 WATCH: Stray Kids Makes Japanese Debut With “SKZ2020” Album

On March 18th KST, JYP Entertainment‘s Stray Kids finally made their Japanese debut!

Prior to the album drop, the group revealed a new version of the music video for “Levanter” back in March 9th KST. Their first foray into the Japanese market is headlined by their compilation album SKZ2020, also their first best album, which features a staggering 27 tracks in total including 24 previously released songs.

The album symbolizes the group’s journey and transformation thanks to the experiences they went through as they try to discover what was waiting for them in the next turn of life. Stray Kids’ Japanese promotions and distribution is currently being handled by industry giant, Sony Music.

Stray Kids released their third digital single, Step Out of Clé, in January 2020. It contains English versions of their tracks, “Double Knot” and “Levanter.”

Watch the music video here!

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MEDIA: JYP Entertainment

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