EXO’s Kai Shows Off Perfect Gucci Style On Special Covers Of ELLE Magazine

 EXO’s Kai Shows Off Perfect Gucci Style On Special Covers Of ELLE Magazine

EXO‘s Kai has a new photoshoot in the April issue of ELLE magazine in Korea!

On March 16th, photos were released as a preview of the photoshoot and for the three different covers that will be available. Kai is seen sporting Gucci and modeling three different looks for the covers.

In one look, Kai is seen sporting a knee-length red coat with gold buttons as he stands against a stark, red wall. On another cover, he completely changes concepts by wearing a a textured, tan suit with a blue, striped shirt and burgundy and gold tie that pulls the outfit together. For the third and final cover, Kai is seen in a close-up shot while wearing a dark suit and hazing charmingly into the camera.

Two additional photos were released as a preview of the full photoshoot which will be found inside the new issue of the magazine. Kai is also seen sporting suits in those photos, including a Gucci-patterned look that not many people could pull off successfully.

When asked about his style in the magazine, Kai stated, “It’s difficult, yet fun, to show an appearance that fits a specific concept. In fact, it’s because of the concept that I can try out these styles that I normally don’t wear myself.”

Kai also spoke about his experience filming for a campaign for Gucci Eyeware after being appointed as a global ambassador for the brand. He revealed that he was very nervous about the new venture, which brought back the same feelings he had when he was a rookie. In addition to advertisements and appearances at Gucci events, Kai was the focus of a 12-minute art film by the brand entitled “The Performance: ACT V.” The film, available to watch by clicking here, was a beautiful, moving look into the life of Kai and what motivated him to begin dancing. In addition, it allowed fans to understand more about Kai’s relationship with his late father and how his father influenced Kai’s dreams. The moving video was so personal and vulnerable that it almost felt like we shouldn’t be watching. However, the overall effect of the film was stunning and certainly made an impact, even to those who weren’t familiar with Kai before the video.

Check out a few of the photos below, then pick up a copy of ELLE for the full photoshoot!

Media & Source: ELLE Magazine

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