MONSTA X’s Wonho Officially Cleared Of All Charges

 MONSTA X’s Wonho Officially Cleared Of All Charges

Great news for fans of Wonho!

In 2019, a series of allegations were made against MONSTA X‘s Wonho which led to him being removed from his group at the time. According to Jung Da Eun, a former acquaintance who has been in the media for also accusing other celebrities of inappropriate behavior, his list of reported transgressions included debt, marijuana use, and attending a juvenile detention center. As a result, the police stepped in to investigate the accusations of marijuana use.

Upon hearing the news, MONSTA X fans known as Monbebe took to social media to show their support for Wonho in the form of hashtags. The hashtags continued daily since then as Monbebe supported Wonho through different phrases each day, as well by organizing as various other fan projects such as billboards and signs.

After months of silence, Starship Entertainment took to social media on March 13th to announce that Wonho had been cleared of all charges made against him connected to the investigation.

The company statement expressed that Wonho had actively cooperated with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency during the investigation procedures and the case was finally wrapped up on March 10th KST.

They also revealed that Wonho had been actively cooperating with the extensive investigation, including scientific examinations, which took place over the course of five months. Throughout their investigation, the police were unable to find suspicious activities or cause for charges and thus concluded Wonho’s case.

Starship apologized for the entire ordeal and explained that they had remained silent on the issue during the investigation to minimize the exposure to Wonho. However, they thanked fans for the support they have lent until now. Despite the fact that Starship ended their contract with Wonho on November 1st, 2019, they promised that they will fully support Wonho from here on out in whatever he chooses to do next.

Fans immediately took to social media to celebrate the good news, as well as to share their hopes that the good results will mean Wonho will soon be reinstated as an active member of MONSTA X. They begin tweeting hashtags such as #OneStepCloserToWonho and #WonhoIsAlmostHome which began trending worldwide.

Congratulations to Wonho on the truth being revealed! We wish him the best in the future.

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Media: Starship Entertainment

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