Former IN2IT Member Kim Sunghyun Reaches Agreement Regarding Legal Conflict With Company

 Former IN2IT Member Kim Sunghyun Reaches Agreement Regarding Legal Conflict With Company

Kim Sunghyun, the former idol group member and “Produce X 101” contestant, has settled his dispute with agency MMO Entertainment.

On March 13th, the former IN2IT member revealed on his Instagram that he and the company have come to an “amicable resolution” over his contract.

Sunghyun shared the news with pictures of himself with his lawyer, Kim Jong Hwi, whom he thanked for helping him. In addition, he shared a selfie, marking his first official update in over seven months.

He continued his post by thanking everyone who had worried about him and helped him during this time. No details on the settlement were shared. However, Sunghyun said that it was an amicable agreement.

On September 5th of last year, after the company released news of him leaving IN2IT, Sunghyun posted a statement about his issues with the label by detailing mistreatment and mismanagement, as well as the group receiving no payments since their debut in 2017. IN2IT was formed through the Mnet survival program “Boys24” which aired in 2016.

Sunghyun’s original statement has now been removed from his Instagram page.

As for the other members of the group, it was revealed in February that due to mutual agreement with the IN2IT members and the company, the group’s contracts were terminate on January 31, 2020. The label then stated that they would be transferring control of the group’s fan cafe and social media to the members themselves who would be in charge of the accounts from now on.

We are happy about this positive outcome, and wish Kim Sunghyun all the very best in whatever he decides to do next!

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