WATCH: Lee Woo Recalls The “Memories” Of Lost Love In Heartbreaking MV

 WATCH: Lee Woo Recalls The “Memories” Of Lost Love In Heartbreaking MV

Lee Woo, formerly Lee Geon of MADTOWN, has released his latest heart-wrenching ballad titled ‘Memories’.

On March 10th at 6 p.m KST, the singer dropped the dramatic music video for the song, which stars popular K-drama actor Lee Yi Kyung in the leading role, portraying a man broken by the grief of losing his lover.

The MV is like something out of a drama itself, and the song could easily be mistaken for an OST.

The former idol group member is fast becoming a next-generation balladeer, capturing the hearts of listeners through his sentimental love songs.

Lee Woo pours his heart out on this track, perfectly expressing poignance and desperation through his raw vocal performance.

Prepare yourself, this is an emotional MV!

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Media: Interpark Music

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