WATCH: Seven O’Clock’s Hangyeom Releases Self-Animated MV For “Dangerous”

 WATCH: Seven O’Clock’s Hangyeom Releases Self-Animated MV For “Dangerous”

Leader of boy group Seven O’Clock, Hangyeom (also known as A-Day) has released a self-animated music video for his self-composed, self-written, and self-arranged solo song “Dangerous.”

This multi-talented rapper, vocalist, and dancer tells an incredibly intriguing story through his unique and charming art style.

The track itself is a laid back hip-hop song with moody, self-reflective lyrics that express melancholic themes such as comparing yourself to others and feeling like you don’t measure up.

It’s very real and honest and something we can all relate to. Hangyeom really created something special with this one!

The song is also available to listen to for free on Hangyeom’s SoundCloud page, where you can also see his very own animated album artwork.

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