MYNAME’s Gunwoo Reveals Enlistment Date

 MYNAME’s Gunwoo Reveals Enlistment Date

On March 4th, MYNAME leader Gunwoo announced that he will be starting his military service on March 20th. He revealed the news through a post on the group’s official Japanese website.

Fans have been curious about the singer’s enlistment, as he was born in 1989, leading many to wonder if he had received an exemption due to an injury or health issue. Gunwoo underwent knee surgery in April of 2019, and he talked about that recently on a V-Live broadcast when asked about enlistment. So, it’s safe to assume he had to wait to be cleared medically before beginning his service.

When announcing his enlistment date, he addressed these concerns in his post and expressed how sorry he is to many people for starting late. However, he assured people that he will do his best to serve and will also return in good health!

Gunwoo has been holding various solo events in Japan over the past few months, and there are no plans for any other official schedules before he enlists.

After completing basic military training, Gunwoo will serve as a social service officer. He is scheduled to be discharged on December 19th, 2021.

We wish him luck as he completes his military duties!

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