GreatGuys’ Jae-I Fractures Shoulder During Japanese Tour

 GreatGuys’ Jae-I Fractures Shoulder During Japanese Tour

The charismatic leader of GreatGuys has fractured his shoulder during the group’s Japanese tour. However, Jae-I has assured fans he is okay!

On February 28th, GreatGuys’ event organizer in Japan, known as K-Lovers, alerted fans of the news via Twitter that while Jae-I was going down the stairs, he fell and hurt his shoulder. Resulting in a fracture, it was unclear if he would be able to participate in the group’s remaining performances.

Thankfully, Jae-I was still able to return to the stage, albeit while keeping his arm in a sling and sitting down during the show. With many fans still worrying, GreatGuys’ company DNA Entertainment released a statement on the group’s official Twitter account on March 3rd.

It was explained that the injury is one where you can be active while receiving treatment, and that fans don’t have to worry too much! The company then thanked fans from the bottom of their hearts for their concern and support, then apologized for the unfortunate situation.

Jae-I later took to Twitter to reassure GreatGuys’ fandom ‘Grace’ by stating in English, “Grace!!! I’m okay!! Thank you so much!!.” He posted the message along with a video of him giving a thumbs up.

We are so glad he’s okay, and we wish Jae-I a full and speedy recovery!

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Media: DNA Entertainment

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