15 Korean Songs You Probably Missed In February

 15 Korean Songs You Probably Missed In February

Every month, so many talented artists release music that it’s hard to keep up with it all! Most K-pop fans hear the mainstream releases and watch those videos, but there are many songs that go practically unwatched or just very underrated.

Each of these videos below have been viewed less than 1 million times, with some of them only having around 20,000 views. Despite that, we know the quality of both the tracks and artists are excellent!

As such, we’ve gathered some excellent Korean songs that most K-pop fans probably didn’t hear in February! From indie artists to hip-hop, K-pop to ballads, check out these 10 amazing songs you should add to your playlist.

1) Sohlhee – “Lady”

Sohlhee is a solo artist under the label All I Know Music, a subsidiary of SM Entertainment. She has a fantastic, unique voice which only adds to her style of music. In particular, this song showcases her frustrations with everything that is going on around her, making it easy to relate to and fun to watch. It’s hard to pinpoint her exact style, but we recommend this song to fans of artists like MAMAMOO, Hoody, and BIBI.

2) Hash Swan – “Teenage In Closet” (ft. JAMIE)

Hash Swan is a successful solo artist in the hip-hop circle, but his newest song “Teenage in Closet” is going largely underrated by most K-pop fans. They’re missing out though because his rap is laidback and soulful as he also shows off his vocals in this track. The track has a modern, house vibe that sets off his voice perfectly as an animated story takes the focus of the MV. Fans of Gray, PENOMECO, and Primary will enjoy this track!

3) MOON – “Woo”

Fans of BLACKPINK or Park Bom will love this song by MOON. A singer under Million Market, another SM Entertainment subsidiary, MOON has a great, throaty voice that reminds people of Rosé. Adding in her sexy confidence and the song’s cool beat, this song is a refreshing bop that will be sure to find it’s way to your playlist!

4) DKB – “Sorry Mama”

A group sure to please fans of artists like Block B and BIGFLO, DKB is under Brave Entertainment and just made their debut this month with “Sorry Mama.” With stunning visuals and strong colors, this video is a treat to watch as the new nine-member group shows off their hip-hop skills mixed that doesn’t get too heavy thanks to the lighter bridge. The group certainly doesn’t feel like a rookie, so they’re definitely one to keep your eye on as they continue their music journey!

5) BLACK6IX – “Call My Name”

BLACK6IX is a K-pop group that promotes mostly in Japan where they enjoy more success in promotions. However, that doesn’t mean that their Korean songs aren’t great as well! They debuted in 2017 under Black Hole Entertainment, so they’re in their prime as vocalists and dancers. Be sure to give them a shot by listening to this cool comeback track and MV! We think this track will be enjoyed by fans of artists like WANNA ONE, Topp Dogg, and SF9.

6) Gemstone – “I Wrote This For You”

Fans of Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun will find a similarity in Gemstone’s vocal tone that will make them instant fans of the singer. With his achingly beautiful vocals that show depth as an artist, he delivers a perfect performance in this solo version of his MV “I Wrote This For You.” We don’t know who he’s singing to, but we can bet they swooned when they heard this song!

7) PINKMOON – “Favorite” (ft. Jeonghwa of EXID)

This song will appeal to fans of artists like Heize, Suran, and Sunmi! Mixing synth sounds and a retro, 80s pop vibe with modern vocals on the chorus makes for a catchy song that is bound to get in your head with just one listen! Featuring Jeonghwa of EXID, the two singers’ voices complement each other perfectly. Listen to the song below, and we guarantee you’ll be bopping along to the tune in no time!

8) GEUNSU – “Flower” (ft. Giovanni

What looks like a sweet, romantic indie MV will surprise you as Geunsu plays on your emotions with this deep beat and smooth R&B concept with rap verses. This is a high quality and well-produced song that will please fans of artists like Gaho, Crush, Zion.T and Zico!


MCND just made their debut with “ICE AGE” and are already making a big impression on our staff here at WTK! Coming out with a polished vibe that is more in keeping with experienced idol groups rather than rookies, MCND delivered a high-energy track with edgy visuals and smooth choreography. We are certain this track will be enjoyed by fans of B.A.P, The Boyz, and ONEUS.

10) Luna – “It Hurts and Hurts”

What a beautiful song from Luna! With the f(x) star lending her vocals to this gorgeous remake of “It Hurts and Hurts,” she gives fresh meaning and depth to this classic track by Sol Flower. A gorgeous ballad where vocals take center stage, you will enjoy this song if you like artists like Soyou, IU, and Gummy.

11) Younha – “Winter Flower” (ft. BTS’ RM)

Younha has a great voice and always puts out great songs, but her newest track “Winter Flower” definitely deserves a spot on your playlist this month! Contrasting with her vocals, BTS member RM adds his deep rap to this song and takes it to new heights. The song is soaring and beautiful, and the video is meaningful and emotional. We think fans of Dreamcatcher, Taeyeon, and J-Min will absolutely love this song!

12) JERASTAR – “If I Could Love”

JERASTAR is a female vocalist who will take you by surprise with her deep, full voice that just drips with emotion. Her mature vocals are crystal clear and she has a great range, while her songs are always touching and pull you in with their deceptively simple melodies. In that vein, “If I Could Love You” is an excellent song that we can’t recommend enough! Her style is hard to describe, but if you like artists like ALi and LEEBADA, we think you’ll love this new track by JERSTAR.

13) About U – “Who Took My Candy”

Korean rock fans, rejoice! About U has an excellent track that will take you on an epic ride from start to finish both with the music and the video. With a pounding drum beat and a driving bass guitar, this song will simply not allow you to sit still! Within just a few seconds of the track, you’ll be rocking along with the beat. Fans of Korean rock bands like Bursters, EVE, and FTISLAND (or even those who like Japanese rock) will certainly appreciate this track.

14) SUMIN + Zion.T – “DIRTY LOVE”

We think this song will be enjoyed by fans of artists like OFFONOFF, Hyorin, Leenzy, and PLT‘s Jung Jinwoo. SUMIN’s unique voice and higher pitch is offset perfectly by Zion.T’s raspy voice and smooth delivery in “DIRTY LOVE.” It’s a genre-blending track that will make you bop and groove along as you watch the fun video that shows off extreme fashions and cool looks. Check it out below!

15) Choi & Swing “The Flower Lost of Seasons”

Choi of LU4US is one of our favorite underrated vocalists in K-pop! In fact, we couldn’t say enough good things over his exceptionally beautiful and super emotional track “Grandma” that marked his official solo debutthis past fall (Click here to watch the stunning video and song). We were eagerly awaiting more music from Choi and were so pleased when this beautiful treasure was released with the producer Swing. If you like soaring ballads and beautiful vocals like those of artists like Kim Bum Soo, Hwang Chi Yeul, and Han Dong Geun, then please check out this song!

Have you heard all of the songs on this list? Which one is your favorite? Let us know your thoughts by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

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