The Rose Files For Contract Termination Against J & STAR Company

 The Rose Files For Contract Termination Against J & STAR Company

Korean band The Rose has filed to terminate their contract with their agency on February 28th KST.

The reasons cited for their appeal include breach of trust, violation of contract, and failure to settle payment.

According to the group’s petition, they have not received any payment within their three years as artists or even proper revenue reports for calculation. They also shared that there were unreasonable amounts and items listed in their account which their company did not explain despite being asked for explanation.

In addition, The Rose cited an unreasonable work schedule. J & STAR Company reportedly planned a grueling 17-concert US tour under 32 days without informing the members. This became one of the reasons that prompted the group into taking legal action.

Fans expressed their horror at the revelations and voiced their support for The Rose by trending #WeStandWithTheRose on social networking sites.

J & STAR Company aired their side through an interview with Star News and denied the accusations, saying that they have always informed the band of all of their promotional schedules as well as discussed preparation for each one.

They also claimed that they have provided documents containing the details of expenses and revenues to the group since they signed their contract. The agency defends that they had confirmation that The Rose has received the said papers. According to them, the members have refused to communicate with the label, filed the contract termination, and declined to go on scheduled activities.

J & STAR Company promised legal countermeasures against the group which will include breaches of contract and defamation of character.

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