WATCH: D.COY Makes Colorful Debut In “Color Magic” MV

 WATCH: D.COY Makes Colorful Debut In “Color Magic” MV

Korean band D.COY has exploded onto the canvas with a vivid and splashy music video for their debut song, “Color Magic.”

The five-piece boy band has a unique concept: each member has their own gemstone that represents them and when combined through their music, it creates the group’s individual color that is distinctively D.COY. Check out the colors below:

-Ruby (red) for leader, keyboardist and vocalist Jungmin
-Onyx (black) for main vocalist and guitarist Sungwoo
-Amethyst (purple) for main guitarist Hyukjin
-Sapphire (blue) for bassist and vocalist Wonshin
-Moonstone (white) for drummer and maknae Dosun.

Before their official debut on February 19th at 6 p.m. KST, the band gained a lot of attention through Naver’s Musician League, an open platform for unsigned and independent artists to share their music with the world. Through this exposure, they then landed several invites to various rock festivals around Asia.

Now D.COY is ready for the next chapter with the release of their first single album, Color Magic.

The title track is a sensuous, refined, synth-pop song that was produced by composer Lee Seung Joo, known for his work on the music for hit drama “Goblin,” most notably the OST “Beautiful Life”.

The members of D.COY also participated in writing lyrics for “Color Magic,” while leader Jungmin wrote and composed the dark and moody B-track “Come To Light”.

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Watch the appropriately colorful “Color Magic” music video below!

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