10 Amazing Zico Songs We’re Still Not Over

 10 Amazing Zico Songs We’re Still Not Over

Have you ever had a song or music video that just sticks in your head, and every time you hear it, you begin to die inside? The “feels” rise up, the fan girl/boy comes on, and you revert to either internally squealing or internally turning to mush because the song or music video is just so amazing. That’s how I feel about a lot of Zico songs and videos!

I’ve been a fan of Block B for a long time. I love their songs and their videos, and I love their style and aesthetic. It doesn’t hurt that I also love the members and their funny personalities and sense of humor. Out of everyone though, I’ve always had a major celebrity crush on Zico since he is just so talented and amazing. In fact, I’d like to still send a public apology to the poor, random boy who sat beside me at KCON LA 2015 when I saw Block B for the first time in person. I’m pretty sure his arm is still bruised from me squeezing it and his ears are still ringing from my uncontrollable yells when Zico first came out on stage (Random K-pop guy, I sincerely thank you for your patience and for laughing it all off instead of becoming annoyed!).

When certain Zico songs come on or his music videos play on YouTube, the fan girl moment starts again and I turn to mush. You know why? Because I’m just still not over those songs.

We all have those special songs and music videos, so check out our Zico edition for the first part of our new series “We’re Just Not Over It Yet.” I chose all the songs and videos on the list as the author. Therefore, they reflect my own opinions and personal favorites.

1. “HUMAN”

This song gives me the same vibe as Block B’s song “TOY” (another amazing track everyone should listen to!). With its relatable lyrics and melody that every young person can relate to, this is one of my all-time favorite songs and videos from Zico. It doesn’t get much better than this!

2. “I Am You, You Are Me”

This song marked a turning point in Zico’s career where he found out how to balance mainstream appeal with his hip-hop style. Even a lyric in the song references his shift: “I used to listen to hip-hop, now I’m all acoustic.” While the song lyric is about becoming changed after a break-up, it also shows how many of Zico’s tracks began to have a unique crossover sound that Korea went wild for. Meanwhile, the video is also adorable and still makes me fan-girl every time (look at the adorable thumbnail below to know why!).

3. “Soulmate” (ft. IU)

Another great song that took Korea by storm, it included both of Korea’s most consistent chart-toppers: Zico and IU. With a dreamy, romantic sound on IU’s part, it mixed perfectly with Zico’s clear, quick rap skills. The video is also adorable and pleasant to watch!

4. “Extreme”

“Extreme” is an amazing rap track that talks about Zico’s personal experiences, as well as the pitfalls of fame. From his career as an idol singer to that of a rapper, many people have found various reasons to criticize him, so this is a message both to the haters and about them. It’s a song that still hits hard months after its release.

5. “Boys And Girls” (ft. Babylon)

This is one of Zico’s earlier releases from the year 2014 when he made his official solo debut. The upbeat vibe and fun lyrics are catchy enough that you can’t help but sing along years later. Meanwhile, the song is about just enjoying being young and partying with your friends.

6. “Being Left” (ft. Dvwn)

This beautiful song is full of heartfelt emotions about being left behind by someone. Whether it means losing someone after the end of a relationship or being left alone when someone passes away, there is no doubt that Zico’s heart and soul was poured into this track. Meanwhile, the beautiful MV stars actress Bae Jong Ok who portrays the emotions of the track perfectly.

7. “She’s A Baby”

In this gorgeous, catchy track, Zico shows that his singing skills are just as solid as his rap skills. With a beautiful melody and fun beat on the chorus, this track proves why Zico is capable of reigning on the charts with both hard-hitting rap songs and softer, crossover tracks. Meanwhile, the MV is full of pretty colors and a cute story of love. Zico said that he would never perform the song live since his vocals are lacking in his opinion. However, it still remains a great song from the versatile artist!

8. “Artist”

“Artist” remains one of my favorite Zico tracks to this day. With a bouncy beat and fun vibe, this track reminds us that “life is short, art is long.” As such, Zico’s songs are his own pieces of art and will therefore be around for a long time. The music video has great scenery as it was filmed in Japan and contains talented, dancing schoolgirls and fellow Block B star U-Kwon.

9. “Pride and Prejudice” (ft. Suran)

This fantastic gem (known in Korean as “오만과 편견”) goes fairly underrated when it comes to Zico’s track, but the song has a more mature vibe and R&B feel that makes for the perfect combination when Zico’s rap and Suran’s vocals come together. The lyrics talk about the push-and-pull game people play when it comes to love. You can easily relate to the lyrics, as well as the slightly strange feeling that comes when you’ve been alone too long.

10. “Anti” (ft. G.Soul)

This song made such an impact on me that it remains my favorite Zico track, as well as favorite Zico MV. An outstanding message is contained in the song, while the MV carries a heavy, oppressive feeling that perfectly sets off the lyrics and purpose of the song. I had been a fan of Zico and Block B before this, but this song and video made me realize that I was watching the growth of a true musical genius. For that reason, this will always remain my favorite Zico song.

That’s it for the list of Zico songs that we’re still not over! Many other great favorites are still beloved by fans today, but this reflects my own favorites of songs that still make me fan girl!

Which of the songs on the list are you favorite? Which songs would you include on your own list of personal favorites from Zico? Let us know by tweeting to us @whatthekpop1!

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