LISTEN: VX’s LAE Reintroduces Himself As Han Joo Hyun In Solo Debut “My Heart Was Broken”

 LISTEN: VX’s LAE Reintroduces Himself As Han Joo Hyun In Solo Debut “My Heart Was Broken”

Han Joo Hyun— better known as LAE, the youngest member of the boy group VX, who sadly disbanded in 2017 — has returned to the music scene and released his first solo single!

“My Heart Was Broken” is a heart-wrenching ballad about the fear of parting from the one you love, even though you have to turn away because the emotional wounds have piled up. Heavy stuff!

With his sorrowful and deep-seated voice perfectly complementing the message of the song, Hyun’s vocals should even appeal to K-pop fans who aren’t particularly fond of the ballad genre. Don’t be too sad though! In his real life, Joo Hyun recently got married and is a proud dad to three cats!

Han Joo Hyun has been a professional dancer since 2011 and has worked with various artists such as G-Dragon and BTS, later debuting in the five-member boy group VX in 2015. After the group’s disbandment, he went on to become a children’s dance teacher while still dancing professionally, performing as a back up dancer in M.O.N.T‘s “Will You Be My Girlfriend?” music video and live stages, as well as BTS’ “Fake Love” stages.

This is the singer’s first release as soloist Han Joo Hyun, although he still likes to go by the name LAE too!

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