“Stove League” Comes To Successful End With Personal Record For Ratings

 “Stove League” Comes To Successful End With Personal Record For Ratings

The popular K-drama “Stove League” has come to a successful end!

On February 14th, the series came to an end with its highest ratings ever as it reached an average of 19.1% nationwide. During its most-watched minute, the drama reached 22.1%!

The series (also known as “Hot Stove League”) starred Nam Goong Min (“Doctor Prisoner”) as the newly appointed general manager of a low-ranking baseball team. He begins working with a female manager (Park Eun Bin of “The Ghost Detective”) who loves the team dearly and never gives up on them, despite being the worst team in the league. Together, they must work with the players and other leaders of the team to help improve the team both in baseball and life.

The drama co-starred Jo Byeong Gyu (“SKY Castle”) and popular veteran actor Oh Jung Se (“Extreme Job”).

Due to its popularity, as well as the love the cast received, viewers are already wondering if there is a possibility of a second season. After the conclusion of the show, the producers stated that they haven’t discussed another season, but that the atmosphere on set and the chemistry of the actors was so great that the actors already stated they would be interested if another season is written. However, no official discussions on this possibility have been held as of yet.

Cr. Nam Goong Min

In the meantime, Nam Goong Min shared a photo of the cast and crew on social media and thanked everyone for their support. Other cast members also took to social media to express their good feelings over the drama and to relay their thanks to all the loyal viewers.

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Media: SBS

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