MONSTA X’s “You Can’t Hold My Heart” Named As One Of The Top Five Songs Of The Week By TIME Magazine

 MONSTA X’s “You Can’t Hold My Heart” Named As One Of The Top Five Songs Of The Week By TIME Magazine

MONSTA X‘s new album is coming to the attention of people around the globe, including the famous outlet TIME magazine!

On February 14th, the magazine revealed an article where they named the top five songs of the week. MONSTA X was the only K-pop group to nab a spot on the list, holding their place among other artists like Billie Eilish and Justin Beiber.

The group just released their first English-language album, All About Love. The song previously released the English-language track “Who Do U Love?” featuring French Montana after signing with the American label Epic Records. In addition to that single, the album includes ten more tracks such as “Beside U” featuring Pitbull, a new remix of “Who Do U Love” by, “Middle of the Night,” “Happy Without Me,” and more.

TIME magazine stated their reasons for choosing MONSTA X’s B-track “You Can’t Hold My Heart” as one of the best tracks this week:

“Like many successful K-pop groups, some of them specialize in singing and others in rapping, and all of them dance and appear in high-concept music videos. They’ve put out both Korean and Japanese-language albums, topping charts across Asia. But recently they’ve turned their sights to the U.S., too. To that end, there’s a little bit of everything on All About Love. Early single ‘Who Do You Love’ with French Montana is the party song; Mr. Worldwide himself, Miami’s Pitbull, appropriately pops up to highlight the cross-cultural exchange on ‘Beside U.’ Elsewhere, Monsta X seems more comfortable in the R&B realm. ‘You Can’t Hold My Heart’ is a change of pace: en emo pop-rock track with guitar backing. It’s sweet but salty, and tightly executed with its nods to rock. And it’s a sign of dissolving borders — across language, across genre, across culture.”

Congratulations to MONSTA X! Check out “You Can’t Hold My Heart” below!

In the meantime, MONSTA X is currently in the U.S. to promote their new album. You can click here to stay up to date with their activities, TV show appearances, and more.

Media: MONSTA X YouTube
Source: TIME Magazine
Featured Image: Radio Disney/MONSTA X

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